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Are you running, practicing martial arts or pumping iron? You are in the right place. Extreme Hobby is well known for its professional sportswear. They offer a wide range of activewear: rashguards, running shirts, leggings, tanks, grappling shorts and more. It is a sportswear created by athletes for athletes: form-fitting, moisture-wicking and with great thermal insulation. It is a high-quality clothing. So it is no surprise that many of MMA fighters wear it in cage. They know that freedom of movement is essential in any sport. Extreme Hobby not only offers sportwear, but also a wide range of everyday clothing. Collection „Honor i Patriotyzm” is designed for people who take pride in Polish history – all of the graphics were inspired by famous battles and forgotten heroes from the past. Are you a football fan? You should check out „Fanatic” and „A.C.A.B.” collections. Their designers draw inspiration from football culture. This is why all clothes have a hard-hitting message.